"So good to see a PROPER video,no silly camera work,no cutting from scene to scene so fast that you cant see whats going on,proper rich colours -no flashy lighting. You guys look cool and happy,that is so rare,everyone else is trying to look moody and angry and hard,this shows a proper band playing a great song cos they like doing it!!! ps-key change= brilliant and really like the little drum playout right at the end , once again REALLY impresssed"

Haris Nixon - Facebook

"I've been lucky enough to get my hands on the new Metropolis EP, Too Fast, Too Loud, so while decorating last few days, I have been hammering it out, ha ha! Loud of course! Now you could say I'm a little bias towards the guys, but there again, the people who know me, know I speak my own mind. Now the easy bit, the more I hear the EP the more I like it, reminds me of late 70s, early 80s old school rock, and let's be honest, there were some awesome bands around at that time! I love to hear guitar, whether lead, rhythm or bass, these guys have got it spot on, sounding really good, in fact on the cover of U F O's Doctor, Doctor I thought at one bit I was listening to Schenker! If I had to pick one track, think for me, it would have to be... No One Can Save Me. Awesome, love it! The EP hasn't been released yet, but will be very soon. The guys are having a special night at Ark to promote it on 24th June, so if you like old school, go buy it, you won't be disappointed. Well done guys!..... ENJOY!!!"

Benny Gregg - Facebook