Metropolis Live

About Metröpolis

Metröpolis are a 4 piece Chesterfield based original rock band.

Fonz Tramontano Guitar & Vocal

About Fonz

Fonz has been with Metropolis since 2009 and has been both Lead Singer and guitarist for nearly 7 years now due to line up changes. His style of guitar playing is inspired by the old school type of rock music, with the right guitars to match, boasting his prize possession, a Gibson Les Paul Traditional and the LAG Phil Campbell Signature. Both easily powerful to cope with the high volumes of the band.

He enjoys listening to classic rock bands, ranging from Motorhead and Saxon to UFO, Girlschool and Rock Goddess . He and the band have taken both lyrical phrasing and musical structure from these bands and has used his knowledge to write material with the rest of the band for Metropolis’ new EP, "Too Fast, Too Loud". He loves to write classic rock and roll tracks, along with the more metal sounding tracks.

Fonz doesn’t particularly like playing other bands songs live but he loves to play Metropolis original material and seeing the positive crowd reaction. When Metropolis play live they aim to put on a great show, both visually and musically. Fonz enjoys playing live but he loves being in the recording studio laying down both guitar and vocal tracks for Metropolis’ new songs, you can see this from the music that has been created within the new EP.


Gibson Les Paul Traditional · Phil Campbell signature LAG Guitar · Marshall amplification and cabs


Motorhead, Saxon, AC/DC, UFO, Girlschool, Rock Goddess

Fonz Tramontano

Marcus Tramontano

Marcus Tramontano Drums

About Marcus

Marcus has been the sole drummer in Metropolis since they formed back in late 2009, with the line up changing a few times over the years he has seen the band improve over time and now feels that the solid 4 piece system is working well for Metropolis’ type of rock music and style.

His usual style of drumming is hard, loud and fast however when needed he can adapt to play different styles of songs that aren’t usually incorporated in Metropolis’ arsenal.

As well as going to other bands gigs he enjoys the writing process that Metropolis have undertaken for their release, Too Fast Too Loud EP. With his lyrics not always being great, he prefers to use his musical ear to help with the musical structure within Metropolis’ new songs. He, along with the rest of the Metropolis team are really proud of the release of the new EP.


Mapex Drums · Paiste Cymbals · Remo Emperor Skins · DW5000 Bass Drum Pedals · Mikkey Dee Signature 14x7.25" Snare · Wincent Mikkey Dee Signature Sticks


Motorhead, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Airbourne, AC/DC

Tyler Huntingdon Bass Guitar

About Tyler

Tyler is the youngest player in the band and was only 15 when he joined in May 2014. He is taking up the position of bassist. Tyler originally started out playing guitar in 2008, when he was 10, but switched to bass mid-2012 when the bassist of the band he was in at the time left and he had to take his place. After a short time he found that he had a natural affinity for the instrument, or to put in simple terms, playing bass agreed with him, and has been playing bass ever since.

Tyler enjoys listening to and playing a variety of music. His main love is rock music and he is a fan of most rock bands new and old alike. Some of his favourites include Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and many more. Tyler plays regularly at a number of local jam nights and can turn his hand to most genres when required to.

Tyler has always been a fan of the music that Metröpolis create and play. When the position of bassist became vacant it was an opportunity he could not miss! After a productive audition he was offered the position and accepted eagerly!


Yamaha TRBX 305 Bass · Hartke LH500 · Hartke AK410 and 210TP cabs


Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, The Darkness

Tyler Huntingdon

Shane Robinson

Shane Robinson Guitar

About Shane

Shane joined Metropolis in Autumn 2016. Shane's style of playing is based on the first lead guitarists that he was influenced by namely Michael Schenker and Angus Young. Shane has brought a new dimension to Metropolis' live shows with his lead guitar skills. He has also brought many writing ideas for new songs and has gelled really well with all of the band and this input can be seen in the songs on the new EP "Too Fast, Too Loud".


Marshall Amplification · Dean & Epiphone Guitars · Marshall Cabs with Celestion 65watt Greenbacks · Super slinky 10 gauge strings · Dunlop 0.70 plectrums


MSG, UFO, Iron Maiden, ACDC